What Is Forensic Psychology?

While my college students arrived for their first lecture, i’d usually begin by using giving them 10 minutes to put in writing down an answer to this query.

Before studying on, why no longer quickly write down what you observed forensic psychology is.

The reason i did this became because regardless of the reality that each single undergraduate psychology scholar (approximately one hundred eighty of them) selected to do the forensic psychology path shape a list of optionally available publications; now not certainly one of them got here to look me earlier to invite what the direction turned into approximately.

Now bear in thoughts college students chose their elective publications nicely earlier of the start date, and so that you can make an knowledgeable preference they were all strongly suggested to talk to the lecturer jogging the courses they had been inquisitive about before creating a very last selection.

So why the no show?

I think, genuinely i know because i mentioned it with the scholars afterwards, that they did not feel they needed to discover what forensic psychology is, due to the fact they already had a preconceived idea.

I stated that on the begin of the primary lecture i would supply students 10 mins to write down a solution to the query what’s forensic psychology.

What i didn’t mention, however, is that once approximately 2 minutes i’d ask for their interest and apologise for forgetting to tell them that they weren’t allowed to apply the phrases serial killers or silence of the lambs in their answer. It turned into generally as this point that maximum of the writing in the lecture theatre stopped.

In case you’re thinking i would have stopped writing as nicely, please contain your sadness and do not rush off simply but. The solution to the query, what is forensic psychology may not pretty be what you thought, however that doesn’t suggest that the difficulty needs to be any much less attractive.

The first factor to realize whilst addressing the question is that even psychologists within the discipline are divided as to what the solution is.

The division of criminological and criminal psychology within the british psychological society argued for twenty years as to whether or not their participants have to be entitled to call themselves chartered forensic psychologists. It turned into finally agreed that they must, however, there still stays a incredible deal of discussion and controversy surrounding the problem.

The relevant trouble is that its participants are drawn from a wide range of disciplines, so it’s far always tough to kingdom what the limits are whilst you talk of forensic psychology.

A fragmented subject?

Psychologists within the jail/correctional offerings.

Scientific psychologists in unique hospitals & the psychiatric services.

Educational psychologists

Occupational psychologists


Now whilst it is important to well known that this fragmentation of role exists, it’s miles just as essential to recognize that those exclusive corporations are linked to forensic psychology due to the fact their paintings, expert understanding or studies interest is come what may related with the law.

This criminal connection makes ideal sense while you recollect that the phrase forensic comes from the latin forensis, which actually way appertaining to the forum, specifically the imperial court docket of rome. So in essence:

The controversy as to what’s and what is not forensic psychology rests often on the nature of psychology’s dating with the felony system.

Allow me come up with an instance, imagine 2 clinical psychologists meet at a conference and that they begin speakme approximately the work they do.

The primary psychologist tells the second one that she lately gave expert testimony in court docket arguing that the defendant in a murder case become criminally insane; the judge and jury agreed and having been found guilty on the grounds of faded obligation the defendant turned into going to be sent to a at ease psychiatric unit.

Now there is a twist of fate the second psychologist says i paintings inside the unit in which they’re sending him, so i’ll be dealing and treating this guy whilst he arrives.

So right here you have got a scenario wherein 2 psychologists are related to the criminal machine via manner of a felony decision and you may argue, therefore, that both need to be seen as conducting forensic psychology. However, there’s a crucial difference.

The primary psychologist clearly helped tell the prison selection based on her psychological know-how and information. The second one psychologists’ involvement however arose as a result of a criminal choice that she had no direct influence over.

My desired forensic psychology definition acknowledges this key difference, namely:

That branch of implemented psychology that’s concerned with the collection, examination and presentation of evidence for judicial purposes’ (haward 1981).

If you undertake this definition you’re mentioning categorically that forensic psychology pertains to:

The supply of psychological data for the purpose of facilitating a felony decision (blackburn 1996).

So inside the case of our psychologists, strictly talking most effective the first may be said to be engaged in forensic psychology.

Not every body could agree with this, because there is a school of idea that could declare that any interest that links psychology to the law deserves to be defined as forensic. I am no longer going to attempt to convince you which ones is right, although i do have a strong opinion on the mater; the principle factor is that you
Recognize that this debate exists.


In answering the query, what is forensic psychology we’ve observed that:

In essence, forensic psychology refers back to the software of psychology within a criminal context.

The controversy as to what is & what is not forensic psychology pertains to the character of this felony software & the level at which it is applied.

And this debate raises a number of questions that you want to reflect onconsideration on. Specifically:

The bounds of forensic psychology?

The role of the forensic psychologist?

The credibility of forensic psychology

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Having labored as a lecturer in psychology inside the uk, i latterly moved to sunny spain with my circle of relatives, in which i now paintings as a distance mastering teach and studies dissertation supervisor.

In view that 2000, i’ve been involved in collaborative research with groups of forensic scientists within the uk, us and canada.

Keep up to date with the world of forensic psychology through studying the forensic psychology blog. This regularly up to date weblog addresses the most not unusual troubles and questions raised with the aid of the ones deliberating or presently analyzing and running within the discipline. Some of the topics blanketed are profession and study options, forensic task opportunites, convention listings, internships, forensic research and mental research techniques.

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